How to Incorporate Mustard Colour in Your Beauty Routine?

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One of the hot hot hot colours of this Fall/Winter season was a rather obscure Oak Buff shade, as stated by Pantone. Perhaps its less fancy and more “user friendly” description should be mustard. To be honest, I blindly added some mustard-coloured pieces into my wardrobe, even though I never felt like this colour suits me. But you cannot go against fashion, can you? 😀

The more I struggled with mustard clothes, the more I was eager to incorporate this fashionable shade into my make-up routine. Being a blue-eyed blonde I needed to work with this colour a little bit more than just smearing it all over my face (what would possibly lead to disappearance of my – already soft – features). So let me introduce you to a couple of mustard jewels I found in my stash and share my own way to start liking mustard outside your plate.


First piece of inspiration came with this Avon eyeshadow palette in Metal Eyes. Not a regular user of Avon products, I found this palette a perfect way for a gradual introduction of mustard into your make-up routine. After all, being the quad, this palette offered you a perfect “how to”. No need to think much – just add a little bit of yellow mustard shade into your eye make-up, and tone it down (with transparent white) or tone it up (with the help of intense and highly pigmented brown and metallic black shades) as you wish. A little pop of colour on your eyelid or in the teardot makes all wonder.

Next product is an oldie, bud goodie. Nail polish from the summer limited edition of the brand P2 in the shade Honolulu Juicer seemed like a perfect accomplice in my quest. Is there an easier way to incorporate an “out of my comfort zone” colour into your beauty routine than painting your nails? Regardless of the summery character of this shade, I found it being as appropriate in the winter. Especially when applied over some nude or even white polish.


Another product I discovered while shopping my stash was this Vibrant Curve Effect lipgloss from Max Factor in the shade Vibrant (06). The first thought that crossed my mind was: what were you thinking when you picked up THIS colour? Nothing is as bad as it seems to be. I found this gloss perfect for pairing with your oranges or even warm toned reds. The full “mustard” effect could be achieved by applying this lipgloss in the centre of your lips, contoured with an orangey liner – it all works for the most unusual ombre effect.


Last item is cheating a little bit, since it technically has nothing to do with the mustard colour. But the packaging made me do it! Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in Gilty Bronze from Mac‘s limited edition years ago – adds slight shimmer to your face. But what’s most important here is that it helps you to look healthy and not too washed out after exaggerating with the Oak Buff shades! 🙂


Did you find your way to make mustard work? Are there mustard/oak buff-coloured pieces that you got recently and you are proud of? Have you ever tried incorporating mustard colours into your make-up? Let me know!


Winter Purples: What’s Trending in My Daily Routine?

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Have you ever experienced winter blues? I have, and not once. However, I made a conscious choice to re-qualify this state of mind for the winter purples. Simply put, there is no reason whatsoever to not feel uplifted during the colder months, however dull and “bluesy” the world behind the window might seem.

Here is my selection of “must have” beauty products that accompany me on my winter routine.

First things first, hair. The crown of beauty. In winter, its state is usually far from the perfect mane we envision ourselves with, be it due to the indoor/outdoor temperature change, static electricity from scarves and hats, or finally, simple vitamins deficiency. Kerastase V.I.P. Volume in Powder spray is a winner for me. It has this magical power to return my dull hair back to life within seconds. Let’s say, it is an ‘easier to get’ alternative to the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I know, this comparison is quite bold and might seem a little rushed, but both these products, although quite pricy, work wonders on thin, lifeless hair.


The Body Shop Christmas line has never managed to let me down. This year (meaning December 2015) I especially liked their Frosted Plum range. Mesmerised by the scent, I picked up their Body Butter and Hand Cream, knowing that these are the items I would get the most use out of. But secretly plotting on how to become a source of this very scent wherever I go. Body Butter is amazingly nourishing, hence perfect for my dryer skin in colder months. Hand cream is too thin to my liking, but the small packaging is quite handy on the go.


The newest discovery of mine was the Too Faced Love Flush blush in the “purpliest” shade available – Your Love is King. You’ve surely heard much about this product: for a good couple of months it’s been all over the internet. No wonder, it is pretty much perfect. Sleek packaging (even though I find the shape quite cheesy), pretty pattern inside, but more importantly, amazing pigmentation and long-lasting effect do the trick.


Purple or dark burgundy shades of nail polishes have certainly become one of the staples of fall/winter season. My colour of choice is Essie‘s Sole Mate. Having it in my collection for years, I’ve fully acknowledged my affection towards it only recently.


And the nice final touch to my purple routine is a spritz of YSL Manifesto perfume. Not a fan of the original scent – Manifesto EDP – I found myself inclining towards the L’Eclat version of the fragrance. Less intense, and definitely less sickly sweet, Manifesto L’Eclat could be described as a “woody” scent with distinct note of vanilla and tonka beans.


And of course, it all blends well together only accompanied with tea. My choice for the winter purples days is Prince Vladimir from Kusmi Tea. Nothing warms up your day like a “Russian blend of China teas with scents of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit and spices”.


And what about you? Have you tried any of these products? What are your purple favourites of the season? Does your winter routine have a colour?

Let me know!