Valentine’s Day Nails: 4 (+1) Nailpolishes You Absolutely Need

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Yet again, it feels like last February was only a week ago, but a calendar doesn’t lie: Valentine’s day is around the corner!!! I’m sure your outfit, make-up and hair have been properly thought-through for some weeks already (be it for a date or for an “under a blanket, watching TV shows” kind of day :)). But what about your manicure? Have you made a choice of a nail polish that would have the honour to decorate your nails?

In the upcoming paragraphs, I am going to present you my choice for Valentine’s Day 2016: from red to magenta, from festive glitter to refreshing pastels. Let’s dive into it!

  1. Classic Red. It had to be Sally Hansen‘s Heart to Heart (350). A deep tomato-red nailpolish is a must not only in your collection, but for a special event, be it Valentine’s Day, Christmas Eve or your cat’s birthday. You can never go wrong with the classy red – it is bright, yet inoffensive. It’s a definite eye catcher without being “too much”. Go for it if you’re a fan of good ole’ classics and want to play it safe. After all, could there be a better choice for Valentine’s Day than the colour that has been representing the quintessence of love for centuries?DSC_0210.JPG
  2. If you are of an experimenter’s nature, bright magenta would be your polish of choice. I went for the Sephora polish in the shade Dinner for 2 (alternatively, Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 09 Lucky could work as well, even though the Sephora‘s formula proves to be longer-wearing). Bright flashy pink will not leave your nails unnoticed. In my opinion, this shade is as universal as the classic red: it suits all skin tones and does not turn you into the “Legally Blonde” by definition. 🙂DSC_0221
  3. For those who cannot wait for spring to arrive, there is Essie‘s Tart Deco. One of my all-time favourites, this polish is fresh and girly, but at the same time very elegant on your nails. The shade is something between apricot pink, rose and pastel orange, depending on the number of layers and lighting. To me, this is a perfect nail polish if you feel like something different: very easy to wear, but also so unusual.DSC_0212
  4. Of course, glitter is a must. If you feel a bit more festive than simple coloured manicure, you could top it off with a glitter polish. My recommendation is L’Oréal Color Riche top coat in the shade 910 Gold Carat. Golden glitter goes with everything, but it looks especially beautiful paired with Sally Hanssen’s Heart to Heart. You can accentuate only one nail, or if you’re an “everything or nothing” type of person, there’s no reason to hesitate – just go for all ten!

Feel especially playful? Why not mix and match all these polishes, creating a unique pattern of colours? Or even try something out of your comfort zone and perfect your artistic skills by attempting an ombre effect manicure: just apply the polishes one by one from darkest to lightest shade on a sponge and dab this colourful pattern over your nails!

Curious what shade was a winner for my Valentine’s day celebration? Check out my instagram and find out!

I love considering painting nails as my little pampering routine, me-time, zen session – that’s why I usually like to relax with a cup of tea. I would recommend light green tea with vanilla by a brand King’s Crown – tender flavour to comfort your senses. I recently wrote a review post on it, since it has been my tea of choice during these colder months. And of course – chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate that would activate your endorphins and evoke the “in-love” state of mind, even if you are happily single.


What are you plans for Valentine’s day? Are you going out or staying at home? Since this year’s Valentine’s day is on Sunday, do you plan to start with “festivities” on a Valentine’s day eve? What is your nailpolish of choice for this special occasion?

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and savour it wherever you are, whatever you’re up to! Even if your only plan for this day is painting your nails – enjoy it to the fullest! 🙂