Leap Day Beauty Round-up

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Leap year, leap day – although it’s Monday, it just gives you (or at least me) this sparkling feeling of blessing, boost of energy and not the least extra 24 hours that we so eagerly wish for. For this year’s last day of February, I’ve decided to sum up my recent beauty discoveries from this month.

First things first, my love for Benefit has been proven throughout the years, and it looks like at this point nothing and no one can question it. Regardless, it took me all these years to finally grab their iconic product – the Hello Flawless powder that has been on my list since its launch. Very finely blend pressed powder comes in a hefty square packaging, which is a downside. The first and last for me. On the positive note: it includes mirror and the second “compartment” that hides not one but two types of applicators – an obligatory sponge (that I am going to avoid) and a more solid brush (that I am going to use on rare occasions). I know that the majority of us would not care about these “extra benefits” too much, nonetheless they could be quite handy when on the go. And by the way, my shade is Me, vain? Champaigne, and it looks like a pretty much perfect match.


Second product from Benefit is a rather new Puff Off! Remember when it was launched back in 2014, and many were shocked by the iron-shaped applicator? šŸ™‚ In fact the cooling metal tip reminiscent of an iron is a great method to de-puff your under-eye area and smoothen fine lines. I don’t tend to suffer from puffiness, but from time to time it comes uninvited, and as you know – it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The only concern I have with this product described as “instant eye gel to help smooth the look of puffies“, is the prominent metal tip. Being allergic to the vast majority of metals other than noble, I am not so sure about using this applicator on a – sensitive by definition –Ā under-eye area. Have any of you who’ve tried this product had any issues with it?

Next goodie is a Sephora Duochrome Eyeshadow from the Duo Reflects line. A little (a lot) more shimmery than I expected, so definitely not a pick for an everyday use. The colour itself is a gorgeous aubergine, but it gets lost in the flood of glitter. I love the name (Siren’s Charm, N 111) and its pretty scale pattern. I can imagine it very well for a night out or a ball, but the longevity of wear still remains to be seen. It claims to be long-lasting, however due to the amount of shimmer I wouldn’t recommend you to ever wear it without an eyeshadow primer underneath.


Make Up Forever Mist & Fix Setting Spray was a pretty much blind pick. After trying a bunch of setting sprays from very affordable (NYX or Revolution ones) to very pricey (Urban Decay, which is still a winner for me), I’ve been on a hunt for alternatives. I haven’t heard much about MUFE fixing spray. To be entirely honest, I haven’t ever heard anything about it, but considering the handy 30ml size and a bold claim “moisturising”, I was convinced. After all, in comparison with drugstore setting sprays alcohol is not straight at the beginning of ingredients list here. MUFE setting spray has a light scent to it, but it’s not the scent of alcohol. If fixing sprays in general do not benefit your skin at the slightest, this one at least doesn’t seem to be able to damage it completely.

The only pick from drugstore was the latest Max Factor‘s launch – Lipfinity lipstick, that I have to admit, was love at first sight. Unfortunately, in my country the complete line consists of only 6 shades, but all of them are so appealing and wearable, that I considered it to be for our (and our bank account’s) best šŸ™‚ After a long decision-making process I stopped onĀ the shade number 50 Just Alluring. First of all, of course I was attracted by the name (yes, I am THIS type of person). Secondly, the colour is a perfect wearable lilac, that seemed to be great for transitioning into the warmer season, but also had enough intensity for the colder months. And finally, the beautiful texture of this lipstick that glides like silk and stays put for hours, staining your lips and providing them with the plumped look. This Lipfinity line is one of the best Max Factor‘s launches in the recent years, I dare to say.


And finally, the definite star of the month of February is a gorgeous lipstick from the long-awaited Gwen Stefani collection for Urban Decay. Traumatised by missing the beautiful palette after its November launch, I couldn’t afford myself another failure, and was one of the first ones in line šŸ™‚ Decisions, decisions… which one to choose, when all shades look so glorious?! And their names!!!! In the end, I went for the Rocksteady – I still felt like rocking intense burgundy shades before the winter is gone for good. Needless to say, the lipstick itself is extremely comfortable on the lips – it is not matte, but it gives both incredible intensity of colour and stain that survives meals, drinks and talking. I had to blot it with a tissue a couple of times after applying, just because I didn’t feel too comfortable with wearing this intense of a shade in the daylight (and this comes from a passionate Mac Rebel wearer, so you can imagine…). It’s a whole different story for the nighttime and I would recommend it to anyone who dares wearing a bolder lip colour.


As always, I have a tea recommendation for you. As we are approaching spring and getting our beauty routine adapted accordingly, there could not be a more appropriate choice than the Spring Tea (FrĆ¼ng) from Alnatura. A perfect refreshing herbal infusion for wellbeing – a review will follow.

Are you ready for spring to arrive? Have you tried any of the mentioned products? If so, please do share your thoughts… What were your favourite picks or discoveries of February? Let me know, I’m always on a hunt!





How to Incorporate Mustard Colour in Your Beauty Routine?

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One of the hot hot hot colours of this Fall/Winter season was a rather obscureĀ Oak Buff shade, as stated by Pantone. Perhaps its less fancy and more “user friendly” description should be mustard. To be honest, I blindly added some mustard-colouredĀ pieces into my wardrobe, even though I never felt like this colour suits me. But you cannot go against fashion, can you? šŸ˜€

The more I struggled with mustard clothes, the more I was eager to incorporate this fashionable shade into my make-up routine. Being a blue-eyed blonde I needed to work with this colour a little bit more than just smearing it all over my face (what would possibly lead to disappearance of my – already soft – features). So let me introduce you to a couple of mustard jewels I found in my stash and share my own way to start liking mustardĀ outside your plate.


First piece of inspiration came with this Avon eyeshadow palette in Metal Eyes. Not a regular user of Avon products, I found this palette a perfect way for a gradual introduction of mustard into your make-up routine. After all, being the quad, this palette offered you a perfect “how to”. No need to think much – just add a little bit of yellow mustard shade into your eye make-up, and tone it down (with transparent white) or tone it up (with the help of intense and highly pigmented brown and metallic black shades) as you wish. A little pop of colour on your eyelid or in the teardot makes all wonder.

Next product is an oldie, bud goodie. Nail polish from the summer limited edition of the brand P2Ā in the shade Honolulu Juicer seemed like a perfect accompliceĀ in my quest. Is there an easier way to incorporate an “out of my comfort zone” colour into your beauty routine than painting your nails? Regardless of the summery character of this shade, I found it being as appropriate in the winter. Especially when applied over some nude or even white polish.


Another product I discovered while shopping my stash was this Vibrant Curve Effect lipgloss from Max Factor in the shade Vibrant (06). The first thought that crossed my mind was: what were you thinking when you picked up THIS colour? Nothing is as bad as it seems to be. I found this gloss perfect for pairing with your oranges or even warm toned reds. The full “mustard” effect could be achieved by applying this lipgloss in the centre of your lips, contoured with an orangey liner – it all works for the most unusual ombre effect.


Last item is cheating a little bit, since it technically has nothing to do with the mustard colour. But the packaging made me do it! SkinsheenĀ Bronzer Stick in Gilty Bronze from Mac‘s limited edition years ago – adds slight shimmer to your face. But what’s most important here is that it helps you to look healthy and not too washed out after exaggerating with the Oak Buff shades! šŸ™‚


Did you find your way to make mustard work? Are there mustard/oak buff-coloured pieces that you got recently and you are proud of? Have you ever tried incorporating mustard colours into your make-up? Let me know!