Tea Review: Kusmi Rose Green Tea

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Have you ever felt inspired by tea? By its tender scent, intense flavor or even by design of its packaging. To me, it has always been Kusmi tea that worked like an aphrodisiac to my senses. The first time I tried a variation of Kusmi tea, back in 2012, I have fallen in love with sophisticated and extremely unique tea blends. I was enchanted by history of this tea too, and this is how my long-term relationship with Kusmi started.

Its notional peak came on this year’s Valentine’s day with the newest addition to my collection.  Nothing shouts “Valentine’s Day” as loudly as a blend of green tea with rose petals. The iconic aluminium tin of Kusmi in pink attire was just a cherry on top. The tea is carefully packed inside the tin and “coronated” with a brand sticker – everything from its visual effect to the sophisticated flavour evokes luxury.

The story behind Kusmi tea is certainly as inspirational and unique as the tea range of this brand. “Founded in 1867 by P.M. Kousmichoff and established in Paris since 1917, Kusmi Tea has been carrying on the same activity to offer connoisseurs and gourmets exclusive blends and high quality traditional teas. Distributed all over the world, Kusmi tea blends are well-known for their pleasant tastes and the smoothness of their flavors”. Russian imperial origin of the founder mirrors in both the packaging (that portrays the outlines of tsarist Russia in the second half of the 19th century) and names of individual teas, be it St. Petersburg, Anastasia or even Tsarevna.


Packaging: loose tea leaves packed in an aluminium tin

Ingredients: Chinese Green tea, rose petals (so simple, yet so perfect)

Smell: intense and very distinguishable rose scent

Taste: the flavour of rose petals gets quite overwhelming. In case of this tea it’s really important that you can bare it. For me as a huge rose jam, rose syrup and other rose delights lover, it was not an issue. However the concentration of rose petals vs. tea is very high.


Serving: with Kusmi, little goes a long way. Do not overestimate your portion: generally, you won’t need more than a pinch of tea leaves for the required intensity. As usual with green teas, pour it over with water approximately 10 minutes after boiling. And enjoy!

Energy level: 5 stars out of 5. Dry leaves of green tea are highly potent and provide not only an intense flavour, but also quite a strong caffeine shot.


Kusmi tea is a treat. It’s an obsession. It’s a journey. Journey full of discoveries and new experiences. Mine started four years ago and it looks like it won’t be over any time soon. At the moment, my collection consist of six colourful tins, six unique blends, six stories hidden behind its majestic name: be it Prince Wladimir or Green St. Petersburg.

If you are interested in more detailed blogpost about my Kusmi tea collection, let me know – I can go more into detail about each and every kind I own.

What are Kusmi tea variations you have tried? If you haven’t tried any yet, which ones are you eyeing? Let me know.


8 thoughts on “Tea Review: Kusmi Rose Green Tea

  1. iwantcandi

    Is the rose really so intense? Their teas really pack a punch, and I find it hard to believe that the rose could overpower the green. Love the blog! Keep them coming!


  2. Kusmi Tea

    Thank you for your lovely review! We love our Rose Green Tea, and with over 100 blends in our London store there are plenty of others to choose from! Come to Marylebone and let us help you choose a new favourite!


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