Tea Review: Lipton Black Tea Pear Chocolate Inspiration

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I have a couple aces up my sleeve – and by that I mean more tea from the Lipton Dessert Inspiration range that I reviewed previously. If you haven’t spotted my review of the Green Tea Lemon Macaroon, then you might not know that I am all about trying new, exotic and a little surprising tea flavours.

Things got darker since the last time though – now I’ve got black tea to try out and share my thoughts about.


Official text on the packaging is, as per usual, especially eloquent when promising “fruity taste of juicy pears and incredible aroma of hot chocolate“. How do you feel about tasting hot chocolate in your tea?..

Yet again, 20 pyramidal bags per packaging.

Interesting fact: the shape of teabags is patented by Lipton. The company claims that the Pyramid bag enables tea leaves to “swirl and swirl for a delightful treat moment“. Apparently, this was Lipton‘s response to Harney and Sons tea bags design back in 2006. Unilever (the “umbrella” of Lipton) came with the pyramidal shaped bag when they started noticing a trend: “every consumer is becoming gourmand“. The Pyramid bag was proven to be the best option how to offer higher quality tea – long leaves instead of sifted and graded leaves, which used to be the case earlier.


Back to the Pear delight!

Ingredients: Black tea, Aroma, Pears (2,2%)

Scent: gourmet, sweet with a hint of pear (surprise, surprise!) and a stroooong, extremely fragrant chocolate note

Taste: intense taste of black tea with decent sweetness to it. In comparison to the Lemon Macaron, I had a feeling that the pear flavour was blending in with the black tea tannin a bit better. Black tea and chocolate seem to be a luckier combination anyways.

Serving: this time, you should fully trust instructions on the packaging. Start with boiling water, let the tea bag steep for 2 minutes, and here you go – delicious gourmand tea could be served!

Energy level: 1-2 hours. Black tea always has less of a pinch for me in comparison with green tea.


All in all, I liked the idea of this tea. Unfortunately, a bit more than the execution. However organic might the combination of black tea, chocolate aroma and pear seem and taste at first sight and sip, just like with the Lemon Macaron tea, this is not your everyday hot drink. I definitely do not recommend to combine it with sweet gourmand desserts, however a piece of dark chocolate would not harm 🙂 I went for the limited edition of M&M’s, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Have you tried this tea or any other tea from the same Lipton range? Do you like your black tea in mornings or afternoons? What is your favourite black tea? Let me know, I’m always on the hunt!


6 thoughts on “Tea Review: Lipton Black Tea Pear Chocolate Inspiration

  1. pinkiebag

    Hi, I have just discovered your blog. I have all my teas milk free. This sounds like a delightful tea to try with the combination of both pear and chocolate. I am not sure I could have it as I am dairy free. I like the normal Lipton tea, as I can only get it on holidays as we don’t seem to have it here in the UK. Oh and my favourite black tea is either earl or lady grey tea from Twinings, Chloe.


    • beautyandt

      Hello Chloe, I also prefer my tea milk free. I don’t quite understand your fear about the Pear chocolate tea though – it has a chocolate aroma added, so it would be no danger for you to drink 🙂 I didn’t have a clue Lipton is not available in the UK, what a surprise!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • pinkiebag

        Believe it or not some teas do contain dairy or its derivatives so I always have to check. I guess I could get some Lipton from a specialist, but I think it would spoil it for me as I associate it with holidays. I don’t think it would be the same having it at home.


      • beautyandt

        Well, that’s new to me! Thanks for the insight, I guess it’s quite important keeping it in mind.
        If you are ever interested in Lipton kinds, let me know – it wouldn’t be impossible to arrange a shipment 🙂 But yes, I know what you mean: to me, tea is also about certain memories and experience…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. brewkitten

    I think the idea of tea and chocolate is exciting, though I’ve never tried them together… The first things that pops in my mind is a spiced tea (chai) with dark chocolate. But this concept is cool as well! Was it juicy in the end?
    p.s. I like the mug. A lot. I hope that things didn’t get too dark at tea time.


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